For software, multi-channel sound (16 loudspeakers, 2 subwoofers), and microphone feeds

In collaboration with Ragnhild May

The walls are moving explores the resonant qualities of a digitally-modeled room like no other — one which can fluidly mutate between different dimensions, and materials. This fantastical space is sounded through unpredictable digital feedback and subsequently materialized in the gallery space through the mediation of loudspeakers. Furthermore, in the walls are moving virtual space is explored and mapped through dynamic interaction between the real-time electronics and live microphone feeds from different parts of the gallery. Room noise from a stairwell, the hissing from the gallery’s ventilator system, environmental sound from the street outside, among others, are all mixed into the feedback network, so that real and virtual space become conflated.

Exhibited at IAC Malmö, 15th-20th December 2017

the walls are moving (2017)